Videos – Christine Breese

Christine Breese’s video channels an be accessed through these links;

YouTube – Christine Breese

Youtube – Metaphysical Sciences

dailymotion video channel

Vimeo video channel #1

Vimeo video channel #2

Here are some videos for your viewing enjoyment;

Christine Breese says Everyone is a Buddha Teacher

Christine Breese – Meet Your Powerful Consciousness Manifestation Meditation

Enlightenment, Know Yourself, University of Metaphysical Sciences, Christine Breese

The Billionaire Question, Who am I? Who are you? Christine Breese

God Not Outside You, Christine Breese, University of Metaphysical Sciences

Christine Breese – You are Worthy! Here’s Why! Metaphysical Sciences University

Christine Breese – Challenging People Are Your Spiritual Teachers

Christine Breese – Reincarnation, Good or Bad Karma, Past Life

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